What is Chipchas and how did it come about?
Ingredients and elaboration process
Chipchas and its contribution to the community

How did it come about?

ChipChas is a dream come true, when in 2016, a group of entrepreneurs wanted to develop a premium snack brand that showcased the variety and abundance of Colombia. These entrepreneurs wanted to help people recognize and value the importance of tubers in our lives and the amount of benefits they bring to our bodies. These foods have indispensable proteins that help us to obtain energy in a natural way and also contain calcium, iron and potassium, vitamins very necessary for good health. Chipchas brings the best of Colombia to the world!


Its objective is to make its customers feel satisfied, pleased and healthy. Bringing well-being, joy, flavors, colors and fun to their consumers is ChipChas’ mission. This is why they strive every day to continue making healthy snacks for the local and international mass market and to continue bringing happiness to more people.

Market experience

They can be found in Colombia in the most recognized supermarkets such as Éxito, La Vaquita, EURO and Mercados and Carnes OR. Also in digital platforms such as and



It is one of the excellent sources of protein and dietary fiber. It is an energetic and easily digestible food, rich in vitamins (vitamin C and vitamin B3) and minerals such as iron, magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus.


It is an easy to digest and highly nutritious food, low in calories and with multiple and surprising healthy uses. It is the only low-calorie food with a high concentration of vitamin E.

Cassava (Yuca)

It is good for bones and rich in vitamin K, which protects from osteoporosis. It is perfect for the diet, rich in protein and a good source of minerals, improves digestion and is gluten free.


It hydrates and revitalizes the body doe to it’s high water content.

Basic flavors

Sweet potato with sea salt

Sweet potato, purple yucca and arracacha mix

Shelf Life


Production capacity

Units per minute

Minimum Order

Pallet per flavor

Shelf Life


Production capacity

Units per minute

Minimum Order

Pallet per flavor

3 Reasons to buy Chipchas

01 - Made with finely selected and 100% Colombian products
02 - Produced with the highest standards of quality
03 - Designed for everyone, thanks to its healthy ingredients

3 Reasons to Believe in Chipchas

- 01
Natural product, 100% vegan, without artificial colors or preservatives
- 02
Potatoes with innovative and delicious flavors and ingredients, different from the traditional ones
- 03
Carefully selected raw materials ensure high quality products

What makes Chipchas different

It is a product full of colors and flavors. ChipChas is 100% Colombian and seeks to rescue tubers from the Andean region and transform them into new forms of consumption to deliver a novel food, 100% natural and with a modern presentation that evokes the indigenous culture. It is gluten free, with 0% cholesterol, without preservatives or artificial coloring, prepared with sea salt and ready to eat anywhere, anytime.

Chipchas and the environment

Chipchas and its social work

Chipchas is produced with 100% Colombian ingredients. It encourages growers to do contract farming, which guarantees them stable prices for their products while they guarantee the supply. This prevents farmers from being at the mercy of price variations produced by the supply and demand effect. Thanks to this, they can make projections of the resources they will have and thus access financing or credit.

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What Consumers Are Saying


We love having such spectacular products for our gifts in Cartagena!!! 💚
They are delicious, I buy the mix and it lasts very little 😄😄😄
Definitely the best 😋


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Colombia’s Best & Chipchas

Colombia’s Best is a company committed to providing its customers with innovative, high quality Colombian products. We are dedicated to support and help large and small Colombian companies to have the opportunity to sell their products in foreign markets, and thus open their market to new experiences, while opening new opportunities for more consumers and businesses to benefit from these excellent products.

Chipchas is just one of these products in which Colombia’s Best has believed and bet on, as they have passed different verification processes and meet the high quality standards of Colombia’s Best.

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