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What is Mistura Fento and how did it come about?
Materials and elaboration process
Mistura Fento and its contribution to the community

Where does Mistura Fento come from?

In 2012 Fento was born, which since the day it was founded has not stopped making its way in the creation of unique pieces, full of design, stories and commitment to nature. We like to define ourselves as a balanced brand aligned with the avant-garde and urban lifestyle that we try to imprint in the design of our pieces. Each one of our creations is worked with time and patience by artisans who transform organic materials into fashion accessories with their hands.


Unconventional materials are our commitment not only with design, but for the future, Mother Earth and renewable raw materials.

Wood is our undisputed star, however we love experimenting with new materials to keep intact our purpose of value, which is authenticity. Some of our pieces have real flower petals immortalized on the dials. Our goal is to never stop exploring and always bet on innovation.


recycled plastic

Our collections include the use of other materials such as natural stones, cork, recycled fabrics, surgical steel and waxes for greater durability and weather resistance.


We use fine woods of sustainable origin, mainly from South America. The most used woods are Pui, Ebony and Teak.


Nothing is as perfect as nature, that’s why we invest a lot of time and effort in making each clock with real flowers immortalized

100% leather

100% real leather with which we guarantee the durability and resistance of our accessories.


Inspired by architecture, it is special for those who find value in the combination of unconventional textures and materials.

Elaboration process

Each piece that we create in our workshop is handmade by artisans who, during 85 hours of work, mold wood and other unconventional materials, until they create small pieces of art, as unique as a fingerprint.






eyeglass frames

minimum order


minimum order


3 reasons to buy Mistura Fento

03 - Unconventional accessories, full of art and unique style

3 Benefits of Mistura Fento

- 01
Elegance, comfort and style
- 02
Durable and long lasting Accessories
- 03
Unique designs like your fingerprint

What makes Mistura Fento different

We believe in the power of art to inspire, transform and reflect. We are artisans and dreamers who create watches that defy convention and what we can achieve as modern craftsmen.

Each masterpiece is made with painstaking attention to detail. We use unconventional materials in our products, resulting in a unique accessory designed for everyone who wants to feel and look good while contributing to the care of our planet and supporting Colombian crafts.

Mistura Fento and the environment

Each piece has an exclusive design made for you. Our motto is using non conventional materials that cause a positive impact on the planet.

We use high quality woods that come from reforested forests, our commitment with the environment is giving nature a renewal cycle, planting more than cutting, producing more oxygen, recollecting CO2

Other materials used in our creations are natural rocks and cork, recycled fabric, stainless steel, and acetate.

Mistura Fento product lineup


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Our accessories are ideal for anyone who wants to reflect a unique, authentic, elegant and modern style. We have designs for every type of personality and style, which is why everyone can wear our masterpieces.

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