What is Grupo Cala and how did it come about?
Ingredients and elaboration process
Grupo Cala and its contribution to the community

Where does it come from?

Cala was born through the acquisition of several well-known brands with a long legacy, history and connection with consumers.

We are a multilatin mass consumption company, dedicated to manufacturing the best home and personal care allies.

We were born through the acquisition of Procter & Gamble’s legacy brands, great history and connection with consumers.

Our cleaning, grooming and beauty products are created for all people who dare to change, to try the innovative and those who always choose the best.

✓ Solid company with 7 years of operation.
✓ Brands of more than 40 years in the market.
✓ Own production of products for household cleaning (dishwashers, multipurpose and clothes)


Our value promise is to create brands that delight and exceed expectations, fulfilling the fundamental principle of quality, to achieve total satisfaction with the use and performance of our products.

main materials

recycled plastic

Our collections include the use of other materials such as natural stones, cork, recycled fabrics, surgical steel and waxes for greater durability and weather resistance.


We use fine woods of sustainable origin, mainly from South America. The most used woods are Pui, Ebony and Teak.

100% leather

100% real leather with which we guarantee the durability and resistance of our accessories.

Elaboration process

Each piece that we create in our workshop is handmade by artisans who, during 85 hours of work, mold wood and other unconventional materials, until they create small pieces of art, as unique as a fingerprint.

Brands and products

Grupo cala





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3 reasons to buy Grupo Cala products

01 - Impeccable cleaning and maximum performance
02 - Maximum removal of bacteria, and Maximum elimination of bad odors
03 - delicious long-lasting aromas

3 Benefits of Grupo Cala

- 01
dermatologically tested products
- 02
More savings and better products
- 03
excellent quality and great cleaning power, always at the right price

What makes Grupo Cala different

At CALA our fundamental principle is quality above all, for the total satisfaction of our consumers.
Quality includes each and every aspect of the business, from safety to the final destination of our portfolio. All of our raw materials are measured under established quality standards and each supplier must meet the quality standards. Relations with our customers and suppliers are characterized by cooperation and open communication, we are committed to responding enthusiastically and professionally to any need expressed by them. Our success as a company depends on continued dedication to this philosophy.

Grupo Cala and the environment

We are committed to caring for the environment:
🔹 We do not generate air pollutants
🔹 We control solid waste
🔹 We optimize water consumption
🔹 We control the noise level
🔹 We control the use of our energy

Grupo Cala and its social work


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Our products are ideal for all types of public. If what you want is to have effective, economical, delicate with your skin and high-performance products, our products are for you.

Colombia’s Best & Grupo Cala

Colombia’s Best is a company committed to providing its customers with innovative, high quality Colombian products. We are dedicated to support and help large and small Colombian companies to have the opportunity to sell their products in foreign markets, and thus open their market to new experiences, while opening new opportunities for more consumers and businesses to benefit from these excellent products.

Taganga is our product, we believe in its potential and we bet on it, because we have passed different verification processes and we comply with the high quality standards that we have set in Colombia’s Best.

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