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What is Manzato and how did it come about?
Ingredients and manufacturing process
Manzato and its contribution to the community

How did it come about?

Manzato arose due to the lack of products in the market that take care of our digestive health and help us balance our immune system. That is why they created a line of vinegars with natural and highly nutritious ingredients, to give our body the best nutrition.


Their goal is to bring to all their customers the power of food, thus achieving a healthy lifestyle through unique recipes with Apple Cider Vinegar with La Madre and Superfoods.

Experience in the market

In Colombia they can be found in well-known supermarkets such as Exito and Carulla. Also in Farmacias Pasteur, and in digital platforms such as,, rappi, veganomarket, and la cesterí


  • Apple cider vinegar:
    Detoxifies the body, regulates the body’s PH and helps lower blood pressure.

  • Aloe Vera:
    It is a medicinal plant that has various health properties.

  • Honey:
    It is ideal for treating coughs and allergies, plus it aids digestion.

  • Pepper:
    It contains high levels of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and fiber.

  • Hibiscus flower and cinnamon:
    With cinnamon helps weight loss and speed up metabolism.

  • 100% apple pulp:
    It is rich in antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

Elaboration process

Its products are elaborated with the traditional apple vinegar with the mother, macerated and mixed with spices and powerful plants for the care of health and the pleasure of the palate.

Basic flavors

Turmeric and bee honey with aloe vera

Cinnamon with aloe vera

Hibiscus flower with aloe vera

Turmeric and bee honey with aloe vera

Cinnamon with aloe vera

Hibiscus flower with aloe vera

Shelf Life


Production capacity

Monthly Bottles

Minimum Order


Shelf Life


Production capacity

Monthly Bottles

Minimum Order


3 Reasons to buy Manzato

01 - Promote a healthy and balanced diet
02 - They have a wide variety of innovative flavors
03 - They recover healthy food practices such as fermentation

3 Benefits of Manzato

- 01
Regulates digestion thanks to the natural probiotics contained in apple pectin
- 02
Thanks to its properties, it balances the PH of the scalp and cares for the capillary area
- 03
Helps to level blood glucose levels

What makes Manzato different

It is characterized by providing natural and fully functional products that contribute to the health and vitality of the body through its properties and special ingredients.

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Manzato and the environment

They help their customers to implement recycling practices and reuse of packaging through graphic pieces that they share on their social networks and POP pieces. They also share different uses with which their consumers can reuse packaging for things like decoration, containers etc.

Manzato and its social work

They use their platforms and digital channels to raise awareness and educate users about the health benefits of consuming highly efficient, natural and healthy products.

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What Consumers Say


I have tried many vinegars and I liked yours very much and in some courses I give I recommended it. I did tests before and after to see the impact on my glycemia and I got amazing results, that's why I kept recommending it.
"Infallible @manzatovital in my daily routine 🙌 😊.
😍🤤 it's perfectly delicious 💥💥💥💥💥.


Manzato is aimed at those people who want to take care of their health with the help of a highly natural and beneficial product. It is ideal for the whole family!

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Colombia’s Best & Manzato

Colombia’s Best is a company committed to providing its customers with innovative, high quality Colombian products. We are dedicated to supporting and helping large and small Colombian companies to have the opportunity to sell their products in foreign markets, thus opening their market to new experiences, while opening new opportunities for more consumers and companies to benefit from these excellent products.

Manzato is just one of these products in which Colombia’s Best has believed and bet on, as they have passed different verification processes and meet the high quality standards of Colombia’s Best.

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