Vegan Soups


What is Supsopas and how did it come about?
Ingredients and manufacturing process
Supsopas and its contribution to the community

How did it come about?

All soups are natural, delicious and preservative-free combinations, in which we mix vegetables and spices that subtly aromatize and enhance each flavor.

Basic flavors

Tomato cream soup with basil

Cream of pumpkin with turmeric

Cream of carrot with orange and bay leaves

Cream of spinach with ginger

3 Reasons to Believe in Supsopas

- 01
The perfect base for a healthy, delicious and fun diet
- 02
They combine perfectly with each soup, providing what it needs to become a complete meal
- 03
Perfect complement to your meals

Meal Kits - Soups

4 - 10 Soups

In each kit

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Colombia’s Best & Supsopas

Colombia’s Best is a company committed to providing its customers with innovative, high quality Colombian products. We are dedicated to support and help large and small Colombian companies to have the opportunity to sell their products in foreign markets, and thus open their market to new experiences, while opening new opportunities for more consumers and businesses to benefit from these excellent products.

Supsopas is just one of these products in which Colombia’s Best has believed and bet on, as they have passed different verification processes and meet the high quality standards of Colombia’s Best.

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