What is Viel and how did it come about?
Materials and elaboration process
Viel and its contribution to the community

Where does Viel come from?

The idea of ​​creating a water with collagen arises from the limited supply of nutricosmetic products, which will achieve the function of making an effect from the inside out and from the need and rising trend of this type of product.

Collagen is chosen as the main ingredient due to the need for products that help highlight the beauty and well-being of people. Being the loss of collagen the biggest factor to start the aging process both from the aesthetic part and in the joint part of the human body, this ingredient is taken as a basis to offer it as an assistant, slowing down and making this process not so drastic in our body.


The main objective is to offer a product that, in addition to having a delicious taste, achieves our premise of reversing the effects of aging both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.
It is a product that from its design is perceived as aspirational but that really seeks to reach many people from the masses with a totally affordable price.



We use the best and most recognized collagen worldwide. Our drinks contain the necessary portion of collagen for you to live your day to day providing vitality to your body.


Our water comes from a pure source called Boquerón in San Cristobal, Colombia. It goes through an elaborate purification process in order to give you the best quality water possible.

Elaboration process

We have a pasteurization process and we fill cold to achieve a totally aesthetic bottle that is consistent with the product that is produced. Our material is Pet, its label is shrink-wrapped and its lid is 28mm.



cucumber and lemon

original flavor

yellow apple

minimum order


3 reasons to buy Viel

01 - Delicious and healthy drink
02 - natural ingredients
03 - High quality hydrolyzed collagen

3 Benefits of Viel

- 01
Strengthens joints and helps prevent muscle injuries
- 02
Helps tone and moisturize the skin
- 03
Promotes the harmonious growth of nails and hair

What makes Viel different

We believe in the power of art to inspire, transform and reflect. We are artisans and dreamers who create watches that defy convention and what we can achieve as modern craftsmen.

Each masterpiece is made with painstaking attention to detail. We use unconventional materials in our products, resulting in a unique accessory designed for everyone who wants to feel and look good while contributing to the care of our planet and supporting Colombian crafts.

Viel and the environment

Each piece has an exclusive design made for you. Our motto is using non conventional materials that cause a positive impact on the planet.

We use high quality woods that come from reforested forests, our commitment with the environment is giving nature a renewal cycle, planting more than cutting, producing more oxygen, recollecting CO2

Other materials used in our creations are natural rocks and cork, recycled fabric, stainless steel, and acetate.

Viel product lineup


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Our public is wide due to our premise of helping both in the prevention part and in counteracting these changes.
It ranges in an age range of 25 to 65 years for women. For men between the ages of 30 and 55.

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