A Few Words

About Us

A pair of entrepreneurs, one from Norway and one from the United States looked at Colombia and its great potential for global contribution in various fields. 

They decided to analyze Colombian manufacturers and noticed that although they were developing excellent products and had the greatest desire and willingness to export them, they lacked what was needed to expand outside Colombia. 

Most of them were lost in the process and had more questions than answers. Colombia’s Best was formed to help and accompany them on their journey.

Initially, our team was focused on another project that aimed to provide great digital marketing tools to different Colombian companies and professionals. 

Over time, we noticed that we could find other broader ways to support these companies and professionals. So we decided to pause the initial project to focus our attention on this new approach. This was a great training that led us to make Colombia’s Best a reality.

After arduous market research and observation, we analyzed how to help solve the needs of customers, buyers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs.

We also took into account that on a worldwide scale, China, the largest producer, and distributor of goods, was going through a crisis in which many large buyers no longer wanted to acquire their products. This created an opportunity for other countries. 

We came up with the idea of creating a company dedicated to discovering products of excellent quality that meet specific requirements to be exported, thus bringing abroad the Best of Colombia.

CB Team

At Colombia’s Best we have a dedicated and trained team that constantly updates its knowledge from different areas and fields of expertise.
Our team is composed, mainly, by: