What Is Business Development?

You’ve just created the perfect product! You are so excited because you know how much people will enjoy and love it, if only they knew it existed. What can you do to help get your product on the map and into their hands?

Or you have finally just started your own distribution center. You have worked so hard to get to this point, and despite the difficult journey, you made it. Now you just need the perfect product to sell. You have come across some that were ok, but none are the perfect fit. You have no idea where to look now.

In both cases, there is no need to worry or give up. There is a powerful business strategy that can solve both problems at the same time! What is the solution? Business development! Perhaps you have never heard of a business development plan. Not to worry! Below you will find some information to help make your business a success!

What Is Involved in Making a Business Development Strategy?

Business development is the process of identifying and developing growth opportunities and establishing relationships with other organizations sustainably and profitably. Normally, these cultivated relationships/strategic partnerships will hold a long-term value that benefits both sides.

These opportunities can be achieved by developing business development strategies, processes, and tasks to increase and expand opportunities within and between different organizations and potential customers. This can be done by:

  • Making strategic business decisions
  • Business expansion
  • Improving productivity and profitability
  • Project management

Business development can be conducted internally or externally with the assistance of a consultant. Whether your business is large or small, for or nonprofit, having a strong sense of business development activities will help your business go a long way!

Why Is Business Development Important?

Business development is important because it helps achieve sustainable business growth. It focuses on creating strong relationships and building strategic partnerships rather than just making a quick transaction.

The business development process encourages qualified leads to travel further down the sales funnel closer to completing the sale. These strategic initiatives also help improve the company’s overall image and may lead to expansions in new markets.

What Important Skills Does A Business Developer Need?

There are many skills that business development teams should cultivate to implement growth opportunities within your company, including a unique blend of marketing, sales, and communication skills.

Below are three important skills business developers need:

These are needed because you need to be able to promote your product, be very knowledgeable of new markets, understand your competition, and identify and educate new target prospects while keeping existing customers.

These are very important because oftentimes, business developers are the first point of contact that potential clients will have with your company. This gets the sales process going. Because of this, you must think quickly and strategically to make these opportunities successful so that the sales team can proceed. This includes prospecting, qualifying leads, and fostering relationships with both potential and existing clients.

Every successful sales expert knows how to be themselves when pitching to prospects. A buyer doesn’t want to see you read directly from the script, so it is best to just be authentic in your approach and adjust to whatever changes arise during your talk to keep them interested.

If you’ve met with a specific buyer before, don’t start with your planned greeting. Instead, reference a talking point from a past conversation you have with them. This is going to help you build rapport with your prospects in the future.

Business Development Strategy:

It is essential to implement four basic growth strategies when it comes to a business development strategy. These four business strategies are listed below with a brief explanation.

1. Market Penetration

Measures how you compete against other companies offering the same product or service. Your market penetration will have a major impact on your marketing and growth strategies. If you’re the market leader, this means that you have good brand recognition and gives you a good competitive advantage.

In contrast, if you don’t have market penetration, you will need to figure out how to compete with other companies. One common way companies do this is by reducing the cost of their products or services. advantage.

2. Product Development

Refers to all the stages of bringing a product to market. That includes the idea, testing the demand, adding features, testing again, and finally releasing the product. Periodically, you might make updates to the product.

3. Market Development

A growth strategy for identifying new places to sell existing products or services. This could mean in a new city, country, or market. Business development processes can help companies come up with a strategy to enter a market.

4. Diversification

Is where a company creates a new product for a new market. It is a high-risk growth strategy, but it can lead to rapid growth.

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Business Development?

Often it can be quite difficult to decipher between business development efforts and marketing. However, there is a difference, and knowing this can put you ahead of the game.

Business development goals are focused on building relationships with organizations to create new opportunities. Because the business development team knows what interests the customers, they can develop a business model and look for ways to appeal to the target markets.

Whereas the marketing team has the primary goal of attracting new leads and customers by promoting products and services specific to your target audience. This can be done by creating, communicating, and delivering valuable offerings to your customers.

Sometimes this may be all that is needed for the customer to be ready to buy. However, for larger businesses, more is required. This is where business development activity comes into play because it is all about relationships. Forming and cultivating relationships with those taking the lead in a company can motivate them to finalize a sale. These same relationships can also generate referrals and develop new markets in various geographic areas.

What Ways Can Business Developers And Sales Better Work Together?

It is important to recognize that business development and the sales team share a common goal to make the company successful. There are some important things you can do to ensure that both work well together.

  • It is essential to clearly define the sales and business development positions, leading to less confusion.
  • Define your ideal target market.
  • Organize regular alignment meetings so that your sales team and business development staff are all on the same page.


As you can see, business development is essential to making your business a success. It involves building relationships with other organizations so that both sides benefit. At Colombia’s Best, we can help you make this process a lot easier by bridging the gap between companies. Contact us to see how we can help your business!