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Inaam Sodas

What is Inaam and how did it come about
Ingredients and manufacturing process
Inaam and its contribution to the community

How did it come about?

INAAM SODAS was created to offer people a healthy and innovative beverage solution. Its main focus is to provide wellness to its consumers and invite people to think about themselves, to take care of themselves, to free themselves from products saturated with sugars and components that do not contribute to health. Its philosophy: 0% Regrets – 0% Guilt.


Its objective is to maximize the occasions on which its product can be consumed. INAAM is designed to be a versatile brand that accompanies the consumer 24 hours a day. Enjoy it as a perfect refreshment at the end of a workout or as the perfect complement to your favorite beverage. Its mission is to become a leader in the category of natural and healthy ready-to-drink beverages (RTD).

Market expertise

In Colombia they are in the cities of Bogota and Medellin in JUMBO, Merkepaisa and Merkaorganico supermarkets. They also have presence in digital platforms such as Rappi, localidad.co and superfuds.com.



100% natural stevia, free of artificial carriers and maltodextrin. Its stabilization system is 100% natural, derived from botanicals.


They use malic acid from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables, which is obtained through a process of distillation and steam distillation, which guarantees excellent aroma and flavor characteristics.

Elaboration process

Prepared in quantities of 500L to 2,000L by adding pure water filtered through plates. This allows for the elimination of all impurities after undergoing the reverse osmosis process in a premix tank.

The mixture of flavors and additives is then added at 1% and subjected to an agitation process for 2 hours. It is then carbonated at 4 atmospheres by means of a micro-bubbling direct injection system, which avoids irregular effervescence in the product.

Finally, it is capped, labeled and dated. It rests for 24 hours in absolute stillness and is ready for commercialization.


Botanical Sodas

Watermelon, Cranberry, Green apple, Lychee

Ginger Ale

Tonic Water

Shelf Life


Production capacity


Minimum Order

Pallet of assorted products

Shelf Life


Production capacity


Minimum Order

Pallet of assorted products

3 Reasons to buy Inaam

01 - Made with natural ingredients
02 - Sophisticated drink, with premium features
03 - Botanical and spaced flavors, different from typical sodas

3 Reasons to Believe in Inaam

- 01
Versatile and ideal drink for every occasion
- 02
Healthy product, free of added sugars
- 03
0% Calories - 0% Regrets - 0% Guilt

What makes Inaam different

It is a carbonated beverage made with natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial coloring and with zero calories. Botanical blends are made to produce a unique flavor capable of satisfying the palate of consumers seeking new sensations and emotions.

Inaam sodas are made with a natural and balanced formula using the latest scientific advances in the industry. Its products are received in the market with a 99% acceptance rate thanks to its characteristics such as:

  • Natural preservatives.
  • The most recent development of stevia
  • Residual flavor mask

Inaam and the environment

The containers are made with second-use glass. The bottle materials are 100% recyclable, thus reducing the environmental footprint produced at the time of manufacture.

Inaam and its social work

Association ÁMESE: They support the fight against breast cancer and the help provided by this association to people diagnosed with this sad disease. They provide resources and support in various campaigns and activities carried out by the foundation.

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What Consumers Say


The best tonic drink available in Colombia and one of the best I have ever tasted in the world.
Delicious! I just tried it and I'm already a fan! 😍
We love it at all times😍 We love it!


Their drinks are designed for those people who enjoy life, those who respect their body and look for high quality consumables. Health conscious people who lead a balanced lifestyle, workers who enjoy the pleasures of life and for those who want to share something unique, delicious and healthy with family and friends.

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Colombia’s Best & Inaam

Colombia’s Best is a company committed to providing its customers with innovative, high quality Colombian products. We are dedicated to support and help large and small Colombian companies to have the opportunity to sell their products in foreign markets, and thus open their market to new experiences, while opening new opportunities for more consumers and businesses to benefit from these excellent products.

Inaam Sodas is just one of these products in which Colombia’s Best has believed and bet on, as they have passed different verification processes and meet the high quality standards of Colombia’s Best.

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